FL DOE Private School  #3570                                                                                      Founded in September of 2001



Welcome to the

Alternative Education Institute


 "Our focus is supporting independent learners in the home environment."





New to homeschooling? Long time homeschooling family?  New to "school at home"?  



The Alternative Education Institute is a K-12 private school option

for homeschooling in Florida. We have been serving the home education community for over 20 years. Families are free to choose their own curriculum and learning styles. Testing and evaluations are not required.



  There is a $25.00 registration fee per student, per year.

There are no other fees. Enrollment is open year-round. 






* Please note that if you have not paid the yearly registration fee for each child, your child is not enrolled in AEI and we cannot verify enrollment to any authority.  We must have an application filled out and payment every year.

*Registering with the Alternative Education Institute does not require you to have your child evaluated by a Florida certified teacher. (Most evaluators charge $50-60 for this service.)





Need more help? See our links and our FAQ's.  
You may also contact the director:
954-649-2274  (Text only please)