Welcome to the

Alternative Education Institute

Incorporated as a non-profit school in 2001

(Currently registered with the FL DOE as a private school)



 "Our main focus is supporting independent learners in the homeschool environment."



There is a $25.00 registration fee per student, per year. There are no other fees.  



 *****Community Service is of major importance to homeschoolers and to AEI. ********



A Few Notes


The AEI email address will be given to you after you register.  You may also look up AEI's email address on the Fl DOE site under "Broward County".    


All new registrations will be sent an acceptance letter after they pay via PayPal and join the REQUIRED yahoogroups list.  


Renewals will receive a message after making a Paypal payment instructing them on how to retrieve a confirmation of enrollment. 


Please note that if you have NOT paid via PayPal,you are NOT enrolled in AEI and we cannot verify enrollment to any authority.

 Important Information to Consider Before Joining AEI

* We do not require standardized testing.  However, we suggest our students use some form of yearly evaluation.  We also highly recommend that you keep a portfolio of your student's work and activities.  There are also further requirements for high-school aged students seeking dual-enrollment. Please see the FAQ's for more information.


**AEI students are not eligible for  “Bright Futures” and the “Home Education Athletic League” does not allow our students to participate.  If your child is going into 11th grade, it is imperative that you NOT register with AEI if you are seeking these programs.  You can read more about this in the FAQ section. 


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