Welcome to the

Alternative Education Institute


 FL DOE Private School  #3570 



 "Our focus is supporting independent learners in the homeschool environment."


     AEI students reside throughout the state and are taught primarily by their parents. Many of our students use online curriculum such as the FLVS.net.  However, families are free to choose their own learning styles.

      AEI is legally registered private school that some refer to as an "umbrella or 600" school.  You do NOT have register with your county if you choose to enroll in AEI.

There is a $25.00 registration fee per student, per year. There are no other fees.  



* We do not require standardized testing.  However, we suggest our students use some form of yearly evaluation.  We also highly recommend that you keep a portfolio of your student's work and activities.   



Please note that if you have NOT paid via PayPal, you are NOT enrolled in AEI and we cannot verify enrollment to any authority. 



Contact: 954-649-2274  TEXT ONLY PLEASE