My name is Krista and I am the director of the Alternative Education Institute, Inc.  I was a homeschooling parent of 20+ years.  My 3 children are now adults and living amazing lives.  The oldest is making her mark as a chef and business owner in NYC.  The boys are attending UF and FS.....yep that house-divided thing.


I am still active in mentoring homeschoolers.  I served on the board of one of our local support groups for many years as well as hosting online support groups.


 I was also the founder of the only state-wide, open discussion list for Florida home education law.  


I believe that the private school option for homeschoolers in Florida is the least intrusive and the most constitutional sound option for families. 


You may also inquire about me with the state homeschoooing organizations such as FPEA and other local support groups.



AEI Director