Reviews From AEI Families


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AEI was recommended to us in 2011 after years of stressing over every aspect of homeschooling. AEI made it so easy to keep attendance, find answers and offer support.  I am now a proud parent of two successful homeschool grads!! Sending AEI a big thank you for helping to make the homeschooling years for my children a wonderful experience.

—Rosemarie Coster-Joyce


We are writing to you today to let you know that our daughter Dominique will be leaving AEI after 10 years. She is now a full time student with FLVS in the 11th grade as of August 19. Dominique has never attended any type of schooling except for homeschool through AEI so I must admit going into a full time school environment was a little scary for all of us but with our online experience that we mostly used for her education, it was a breeze. She has A's in all her courses and is a very determined, disciplined and happy student.  

I want to thank you and AEI for giving all 3 of my children a great learning experience through your homeschooling program.

Thank you,

—Paul and Julia Yanez



Well, this is what you helped to accomplish as all three of my children were AEI kids.

My oldest child  ( homeschooled from 1st to 12th grade) completed four years of college with the final year being all graduate level classes this May at Palm Beach Atlantic University.  He has a degree in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry with an emphasis on Pharmacology.  He returns to PBA next month to start his remaining 2 years of grad classes followed by a year of residency.  He will have his Doctorate in Pharmacy at that point and may not be done.

My "I hate school child" (homeschooled his whole life)  graduated last May from high school and just got his Associates Degree this year from Seminole State Magna Cum Laude. He starts UCF in the fall to complete his Bachelors and possibly his Doctorate.

My third child, (Homeschooled her whole life) dances 6 days a week, will start college dual enrollment just like her siblings this January right before she turns 16.  She intends to get her Doctorate in Physical therapy.  She currently mentors special needs students at her dance studio.

So with our laid back, homeschooling, AEI covered approach, I think all is well.

I truly thank you for all of your time in keeping AEI an alternative for homeschooling families.

—AEI Parent



"We are so thankful for you....Brett is grown and doing well thanks to the freedom you protected....May God Bless you always...thank you again" 

—Brenda  P.  (Parent)

Thank you, Krista. We are very grateful for this way of learning. We couldn't do it without your school and I pray you and your family have continued wellness. 

Warm regards, 

—Micki Dickerson, RN


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