Alternative Education Institute, Inc 

A Florida Kindergarten-12 Grade, Private School


Letter of Introduction


To Whom it May Concern,


The Alternative Education Institute (AEI) was founded in September of 2001. 


 AEI is a FLDOE recognized private school in the state of Florida, and is in compliance with the following state private school statutes 1002.42(2)(b), 1012.32, 1002.01,1003.23(2), 1003.22(1)(2), 1003.01(13),1003.21(1). 


Enrollment in AEI legally meets the compulsory attendance laws of Florida. Our Florida DOE number is 3570.  Our office is located in Broward County. 


AEI students reside throughout the state and are taught primarily by their parents. Many of our students use online curriculum which includes FLVS. 


AEI is NOT a 501.c  school.



Krista Sallop

AEI Director




There are 3 options in the Florida Statutes for families who wish to educate their children at home.  All 3 options legally meet the state's compulsory attendance laws.  You can refer to the Florida School Choice page for further information.  


1. Enroll in a non campus-based private school that facilitates home education.


2. Establish a home education program with the state (county).


3. Establish a private tutoring program.


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You may also contact the director:
954-649-2274  (Text only please)